Rewards System

Understanding how the reward system works

In addition to special competitions that will be announced from time to time, Subscribers will be rewarded monthly based on viewership their video attracts. They are thus expected to advertise their video to increase chances of winning. Winning starts immediately a video achieves 1000 viewers. The initial prize at this stage will be branded gifts and recharge cards bonuses (cash equivalent)

At the end of every month, every video that achieves 100,000 views will receive a cash gift and any that receives 250,000 in a quarter will also get a cash award and branded gift items.

Additionally, the most viewed video per month and per quarter will receive a special prize of N100,000 and N250,000.00 respectively in addition to assorted branded gifts items.

Any video that achieves 1m viewers will receive an instant prize of N500,000.00 in addition to any awards due at viewership attainments of 100k and 250k or being most viewed at any of the periods.

The grand yearly prize goes to the most viewed in a year. The grand prize is N1,000,000.00, assorted gift items plus all expense trip to Dubai.